FH Woodworking and Design
Reclaimed. Repurposed. Sustainably Sourced.
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Deep in the woods of southern Vermont there is a secluded spot that was discovered to still have snow in July. It was referred to as "The Freezing Hole" by those who happened upon it.

Nearby, deep in the remote Green Mountains, a cabin sits. This cabin was built by my grandfather. This cabin, and the surrounding acreage, is an extension of my family's certified tree farm, aptly named Freezin' Hole Farms.

All of the products from Freezin' Hole Furniture and Woodcrafts are made from reclaimed and repurposed materials. Wood is also sustainably sourced from Freezin' Hole Farm's primary location in the heart of the Berkshires. All products are made by hand, and all products have a story behind them, making each a truly unique piece.